HexGaming Review 2022: Is It The Best For Your Gaming Needs?


HexGaming is an online retailer that sells highly customizable videogame controllers. It is a subsidiary of extreme rate limited. The internet retailer promises to supply players with customized controllers for optimal performance. HexGaming claims that their product enables gamers to compete like professionals. Customers may subscribe to newsletters in order to stay abreast of new and pertinent information on the company's goods and services. In this HexGaming review, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular HexGaming controllers.

HexGaming Review: 5 Most Popular Controllers

HexGaming review

HexGaming is an online retailer that sells gaming controllers and pads. The website lists many product categories, including ps5, Xbox Series X, ps4, Xbox One S, and accessories. Here are the 5 most popular controllers in their inventory:

Ultimate Controller

The HexGaming ULTIMATE Controller is essentially a repurposed DualSense controller; rather than designing its own controller from scratch, the firm customizes an official controller. This is significant since it indicates that the new controller supports all DualSense features, including being recognized when connected to a PC as an authentic controller.

Rival PS5 Controller

The Hex Rival Controller was one of, if not the greatest, professional PlayStation 5 controllers. It cleverly used the DualSense as a basis and expanded upon it, enabling customers to modify the pad without compromising the unmatched durability of a first-party pad. However, the pricing was prohibitively expensive, costing four or five times as much as a standard DualSense.

The fundamental capabilities and attraction of the controller have not changed. Being a DualSense behind the hood implies that it is neither difficult to set up nor will it feel cheap or have compatibility difficulties. Building from the DualSense is still a wise choice for these reasons, since many other pro controllers are inferior or contain unneeded functionality.

Rival Custom PS5 Controller

In addition to its pro-gaming functionality, the option to personalize the Hex Rival PS5 Controller's appearance is a major selling point. Currently, Sony only provides the white DualSense in the freshly announced Cosmic Red and Midnight Black colors. So the opportunity to have a DualSense with a color that jumps out is significant.

You have the opportunity to modify the color of the shells, face buttons, and even the touchpad if you want to go for something a little more eccentric. Almost every visible component of the Hex Rival may be changed using a restricted palette of colors and patterns. However, this comes at a price. Even if you opt out of the FastShots hairpin triggers, aesthetic customization of the Hex Rival controller will cost you $295 if you go for full-color customization. The best way to make this controller affordable is to use a HexGaming discount code at checkout.

Xbox Advance Controller

HexGaming begins with an official Xbox controller and then modifies it so that it has a familiar look and feel. However, using the list of modifications, the controller may be fully customized.

The top plate, bottom, triggers, buttons, and thumbstick bases – almost every component of the controller may be modified. For the primary components, such as the top plate, there are solid colors, chrome hues, distinctive patterns, and even transparent tops that reveal the controller's inner workings.

Rival Pro PS5 Controller

Rival Pro from HexGaming for the PlayStation 5 has all of the capabilities that would make it a direct rival to other high-performance, esports-ready controllers. It supports both wired and wireless connections on the PlayStation 5 and PC, has interchangeable thumbsticks to accommodate various tastes and genres, and, most notably, has remappable buttons on the rear of the controller.

The FlashShot upgrade's hair triggers drastically decrease the distance the shoulder buttons must be pushed for their inputs to register, which is a tremendous benefit in first-person shooter games and similar genres.

The Verdict: It's A Game-Changer!

Custom Xbox and PlayStation controllers are an excellent way to enhance your gaming experience. The extensive selection of controllers offered by HexGaming begins with original Xbox and PS controllers and then advances with custom colors, back buttons, interchangeable thumbsticks, and unique trigger controls. These are high-quality official controllers customized with highly appealing themes.